Stardew Valley Repress

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Hey there! Thanks for joining us to celebrate the launch of our Stardew Valley collector's edition Vinyl Record.

Since announcing the record on Monday, we've been blown away by the reception. We were confident that people were going to love it, but we didn't anticipate how many of you were going to want to get your hands on this thing that we've been working on for so long.

We were stoked to see the record selling so quickly - it means a lot to us to create something that people really want to own. But since the record sold out last night, we've had countless messages from people who didn't manage to get hold of a copy, hoping that we had more.

With that in mind, it seems unfair for us to just leave it at 600 copies with people still wanting a copy. And furthermore, we hate to see copies of our record being resold for ridiculous profits.

So today we made the decision to offer a second pressing run of the Stardew Valley record. It's not exactly the same as the first press - the vinyl colouring is different - but it's very similar and we hope that you'll find it just as appealing.


Our second pressing is will be available for pre-order on double split-colour vinyl this Friday 30th June. This is an open edition running until the end of July and we're aiming to have these pressed and shipped out to everyone by the end of August.

We're hoping this enables everyone who wanted a physical copy of ConcernedApe's gorgeous score for Stardew Valley with Kari Fry's incredible artwork to enjoy the release.

And for those of you who got in early - you still have something special!

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