Rezzed Tote Bag


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Rezzed Tote Bag

Let’s paint the scene. A friend of yours has visited your home to borrow some board games for a dinner party they’re hosting. You’re super generous so you’re happy to lend them Dobble, even though it’s your favourite and you were planning on playing it later that evening. Your friend apologises that they’ve forgotten to bring a bag and asks whether you have one you can spare. You grab the only tote bag you can find, and hand it over without thinking. You see their face drop as they read the words ‘It’s 5pm somewhere! Prosecco o’clock!’ sprawled in italics across the fabric. You cringe. They cringe. They leave without Dobble and you never hear from them again.
The story might have played out differently if you had this EGX Rezzed tote bag.

Designed by the great minds at EGX. For cool people only.

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