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Rezzed Robot Pin Badge - Pixel


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Rezzed Robot Pin Badge - Pixel
Not all heroes wear capes. Meet Pixel.
Pixel was created and programmed in a factory somewhere in the far corners of the universe. When a disaster happened in the control room and all bots and beings needed to evacuate the planet, Pixel offered to stay behind and wait for help. Pixel spent infinite time alone on the dangerous land, putting out fires and cleaning up dust piles. When help finally did arrive, they were so amazed by Pixel’s selflessness that they offered to take them to the coolest place in the galaxy as a thank you; a place we know as EGX Rezzed. Pixel returns to planet Rezzed every year to play indie games and make friends, happy to no longer be alone.
Designed by the great minds at EGX. For cool people only.

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