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Rezzed Tentacles Pin Badge - Otto


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Rezzed Tentacles Pin Badge - Otto
If you’re looking at this Rezzed pin badge and thinking that there must be one hell of a story behind it, then you’re right. Meet Otto.
When Otto was small, they discovered a tattered purple wristband floating in the atmosphere of planet Boregon. Otto knew that wherever this paper treasure came from, it was the key to a whole world of fun. Lightyears passed, and when Otto was finally old enough, they slapped the purple band around their tentacle, said farewell to their slippery pals and fired up the spaceship. Determined to locate the source of joy, Otto eventually found themselves in the queue for EGX Rezzed at Tobacco Dock, London. Otto was so impressed with the event, that they plan on sticking around and becoming a full time member of planet Rezzed.

Otto now needs a flatmate who will take them to the show every year, and unfortunately isn’t having any luck on craigslist. Have you got room for one more pin?
Designed by the great minds at EGX. For cool people only.

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